Collin peay

BMW of pleasant grove


2111 West Grove Parkway, Pleasant Grove, UT, United States

My Team

I have enjoyed many great team members over my years with BMW of Pleasant Grove. I love my great team of coworkers around me every day. They are practically family, because we see each other more than our own loved ones at home it seems at times. They are a fun bunch to be around, and we try to keep the work environment a good one. I respect each of them for what they do well, and what they have taught me, and the dedication they put into the store and our clients. For more details, please click here.

In 2007, I started working for BMW of Pleasant Grove as an hourly Sales Assistant, or what some stores would refer to as a lot technician.. In 2008, I became a Client Advisor, selling BMWs to our wonderful clients and established members of the Utah community. In 2011, my friend and mentor Troy Young retired his role of General Sales Manager, leaving an open position at the Pleasant Grove store that needed to be fulfilled. Through hard work and proving myself capable at a young age, I was appointed into the position as Sales Manager, and I have been on a dedicated mission to expanding and growing our Pleasant Grove store, staff, and success ever since. We are continuously growing, and I am very happy to be a part of all the fun that takes place.


My BMW intrigue started many years ago


I started very young. My father purchased a 1989 BMW 325xi, and our family was hooked. It was followed by a 1991 535i, which I later adopted in 2001. I started replacing certain engine components and maintaining it through my high-school years. This car is what started my deep appreciation for BMW and love for the product. It taught me about the German engineering that went into making the Ultimate Driving Machine. It cultivated within me a respect and passion for the brand, and how the vehicles are built.


Making A Difference in the Auto Industry 


You time is valuable. I want to make your experience with my store quick, easy, and painless. I want to provide information to help everyone make an educated decision in buying their next BMW. If I can provide this level of customer service, and keep you happy through the process, I know I will see you in my store again.

Everybody hates the process of buying a car. I know the stigma out there about care salesmen. However, take a minute to read through our reviews and just pop into the dealership for a visit. You will be pleasantly surprised!